The Loire Valley Castles: intended for foreign tourists

This page and the following have been realized in order to present some of the main castles of the Loire Valley: in french they are called Les Châteaux de la loire.

Some of them are well known not only in France but all over the world. Indeed, for some people (including me), the simple fact to hear the name of these royal castles remind them fairy tales, legends and great histrory of France. Among all the castles, some have roots dating back up to the middle ages, while others have been build during the fecund period of the Renaissance. Whether they belonged to french kings or to great noble family, all have their own secrets and their own particularities.

There exists many other castles inside the Region Centre - Val de Loire than those presented here. They will appear farther on this website.

The next pages provide historical and geographical informations about castles and their outskirts. There are also usefull links for tourism : hotels and restaurants around the monuments and other sites of interest.


The image below shows approximately the area where the castles and other interesting historical monuments are the most concentrate.

Most of the castles are located between the cities of Orléans and Tours along the Loire river of course, but also along the Cher river and the Vienne river. Orléans is about 130 km at the south of Paris and Tours about 110 km at the south of Orléans, both via the motorway A10. Moreover, Tours and Orléans are the two biggest cities of the Region Centre - Val de Loire , Orléans being the prefecture.

Most of the castles are located near or inside the natural region of Sologne, delimited at the north and at the west by the Loire river. This natural region is known for its forests, moors and wild animals, because relatively preserved until nowadays. The presence of wild games was one of the reasons for which french kings and other great characters have decide to build castles and manors inside or at the edge of this area.

You can watch my videos recorded in Sologne (in particular deer roar) on this page.

The second map shows more exactly where are located the castles which will be described on my web site on separate pages. Some of them are well-known as Chambord or Chenonceau and some of them are less known.

The castles list:

Not less than 77 Castles belong to the list of the Châteaux de la Loire. You can discover all thes castles on the official website (in english): Les Châteaux de la Loire / Vallée des Rois.

As written previously, only a part (thirteen) of all the castles of the region Centre-Val-de-Loire are presented on my website among the most important of the Loire valley. However, I present also castles which are less known than Chambord or Chenonceau, but that would deserve to be visited because each castle have a particular history that make them unique !

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